Ontario Telemedicine Network (OTN)

Updated: Monday May 2, 2011


The Ontario Telemedicine Network (OTN) is a resource that allows us to access education and services from all across Ontario via videoconference. OTN provides live videoconferencing that connects patients to care, provides timely access to specialists, reduces travel time and expenses to patients and delivers care closer to home. Our patients and staff are able to partake in a wide range of educational opportunities hosted right here in our office.

There are many advantages to being part of this network. We are able to offer educational group sessions to our patients from McMaster Health Sciences, the Canadian Diabetes Association, Endocrinology Centers and a variety of other health care providers. We are also able to offer patients the opportunity to meet one on one with an Endocrinologist to discuss concerns with their diabetes, thyroid or osteoporosis. We continue to work with OTN to connect with other specialists to reduce travel time and expense or often even wait times for patients in need of specialist services. Our staff benefit by attending Primary Care meetings, Faculty Staff meetings, administrative training sessions and “Lunch and Learn” presentations right here in our own building.


Community Diabetes Health Series hosted by the Canadian Diabetes Association. This is a series of 4 group sessions aimed at ongoing education and self-management skills for our Diabetic Population covering a wide range of topics from Pre-Diabetes, to Kidney Disease to Alternative Therapies.


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