Updated: Tuesday June 14, 2016


The Smithville Medical Centre Family Health Team (SMC FHT) recognizes the importance of breastfeeding in relation to health promotion. Breastfeeding is an unequalled way of providing ideal nutrition for the healthy growth and development of infants.

The focus of the breastfeeding program at the SMC FHT is the following:


  • to provide information to enable families to make an informed choice about infant feeding and nutrition


  • to provide support to families related to breastfeeding with hands-on assistance and encouragement as needed


  • to encourage families by helping them understand the importance of each and every day of breastfeeding for the good of their family
  • to find out what their perception is and what they would like to achieve (goals)
  • to work with Mom/Dad/baby to achieve their goals
  • to make families aware of how we can help and the options available

The Registered Nurse will also provide one-on-one assistance, once the baby is born, should that be requested.

Group Information Sessions

Group information sessions can be arranged based on demand for women in their 3rd trimester of pregnancy and cover the following:

  • Education: Breast milk, Composition of Breast milk
  • Support: In Hospital, At home
  • Encouragement: Best for Babies, Best for Moms, As an adult, Dad – the supportive partner
  • Positioning for breastfeeding
  • Potential Problems: Sore nipples, Lumps in breast, Engorgement, Mastitis, Treatment
  • Storage of Breast milk
  • Medication
  • Breast pump Rentals
  • Breast pump Sales

* Ask your doctor/nurse how you can be part of the group education session at your next prenatal appointment.

* Or call 905-957-3328 and ask the receptionist to book a seat(s) in the class for you.


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