Anticoagulant (INR)

Updated: Wednesday September 7, 2016


The INR (anticoagulant) care at Smithville Medical Centre Family Health Team (SMC FHT) is a physician led program that includes a Registered Nurse Educator who sees a patient for an educational session when you are prescribed to start Coumadin (Warfarin) therapy for INR (anticoagulation). This treatment may be required for many different medical conditions and it is important that you understand how to safely manage this therapy with the support of your medical team.

You will be given written information regarding the medication and dietary considerations and contact information to maintain as a resource. You will then have regular contact by phone from the Registered Nurse Educator or your Doctor regarding what dosage of Coumadin (Warfarin) medication you should take daily and when to next have bloodwork done. The bloodwork can be done here at the office or it can be arranged with the provision of a requisition at your local lab. If you have not been contacted 24 hours after having the bloodwork done you should contact our office and speak to the Doctor or Claire B., RN at 905-957-3328.

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