Advanced/Open Access

Updated: Tuesday June 2, 2015

The majority of our physicians are trying a new booking system called “Open Access”. This means our receptionists’ goal will be to offer you an appointment with your physician or the nurse practitioner on the day you call. If your physician is not in the clinic the day you call and you choose not to see the nurse practitioner, you will be offered an appointment the next day that your physician is available.

By rostering with a physician of our Family Health Team you agree that (unless you are travelling or find yourself in an emergency situation) you will contact this office first when you have a health need rather than attending a walk in clinic. You will also have the benefit of our Telephone Health Advisory Service (THAS) after regular office hours. This service is provided by qualified and experienced registered nurses who will be able to advise you how to address your health concern.

Our Nurse Educators, Nurse Practitioners, Dietitian and Mental Health Counselors all work at this location as well and will see patients within the same clinic hours as the physicians.

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